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Κτηματολόγιο Α.Ε.

Γενικά Στοιχεία

Κατηγορία Τόπου Βιότοπος NATURA
Κωδικός Τόπου GR4310004
Κύριος Χαρακτήρας
Φυσικό Τοπίο
Δομημένο Τοπίο
Διοικητική Υποδιαίρεση Νομός Ηρακλείου
Συνολική Έκταση (ha) 2650.79
Χερσαία Έκταση (ha) 2650.79
Συνολική Περίμετρος (km) 49.3
Μέγιστο Υψόμετρο (m) 326.0
Ελάχιστο Υψόμετρο (m)
Ένταξη στο Υπάρχον Θεσμικό Πλαίσιο


Τύπος Τοπίου
Περιγραφή Τόπου The site has two main parts. The first one is rocky with cliffs and gorges. The second one, includes a sandy beach, where the longerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) lays eggs, and the mouth of Geropotamos river. The site reaches up to Kokkinos Pyrgos, including two thirds of the coastline of Messara's bay.The gorges present continuous changes of landscape, especially Agiofarango gorge (the name literally means the "saint's gorge"). There are impressive cliffs and rocks. There is also a large variety of many small plant communities; amongst them, there are galleries with Nerium oleander, a small patch with Phoenix theophrastii, in theregion of Martsalos, a small forest with Juniperus phoenicea, Oleo-Ceratonion matorral, phrygana.
Κατάσταση Τόπου
Εγκατάλειψη οικισμών
Τάση Κατάστασης Τόπου
Ιστορία και εξέλιξη του τόπου
Σημεία με καλή Θέα
Μονοπάτια Περίπατοι


Οικολογική Αξία
Κοινωνικοοικονομική/πολιτιστική Αξία
Αισθητική Αξία
Σχόλιο για τις αξίες The gorges have a great aesthetic value and they present an alternation of different landscapes, with a large variety of plants and animals. The flora consists of many endemic species, such as Limonium creticum, which is a local endemic. On the sandy beach, the turtle Caretta caretta lays its eggs, making the site one of the three most important places for C. caretta in Greece. The fauna also includes other ampbibians and reptiles, as well as mammals protected by the Bern Convention. There are also endemic invertebrates, some of them local endemics, such as the snails Albinaria terebra (endemic to South Crete), Helicopsis bathyptera (endemic to Crete and Karpathos), and Mastus turcidus (endemic to the Aegean).OTHER IMPORTANT SPECIES WITH MOTIVATION D.Plants: The endemic species Campanula creutzbergi, Campanula saxatilis ssp. saxatilis, and Crepis tybakiensis are characterized as "rare" in Greece in the IUCN list (1993) of threatened plants are they are also protected by the national Presidential Decree 67/81.Lithodora hispidula ssp. hispidula is endemic to E Aegean Islands, Kriti and W Turkey.Amphibians: Crete is the southern limit of the distribution of the frog Rana ridibunda. The species Hyla arborea ssp. cretensis and Bufo vitidis are protected by the national Presidential Decree 67/81.Reptiles: The snake Natrix tessellata has low and restricted populations. This species as well as the species Chalcides ocellatus, Coluber gemonensis and Lacerta trilineata ssp. polylepidota are protected by the national Presidential Decree 67/81. Mammals: The species Mustela nivalis and Erinaceus concolor are protected by the national Presidential Decree 67/81. Invertebrates: the snail Helix nucula has very limited populations in Crete.


Σχόλιο για τις απειλές-διαταραχές
Τρωτότητα The following activities are the main causes of the vulnerability of the site: touristic development, illegal building, overgrazing, illegal hunting and illegal fishing.
Προτεραιότητα προστασίας

Πανίδα και Χλωρίδα

Χαρακτηριστικά Ενδιαιτήματα
Αξιόλογα Φυτά
Anacamptis pyramidalis
Barlia robertiana
Campanula saxatilis saxatilis
Crepis tybakiensis
Ebenus cretica (Έβενος ο κρητικός)
Nepeta melissifolia
Orchis italica
Phoenix theophrasti (Κρητικός φοίνικας)
Αξιόλογα Θηλαστικά
Martes foina (Κουνάβι)
Mustela nivalis galinthias (Νυφίτσα)
Αξιόλογα Πτηνά
Αξιόλογα Αμφίβια / Ερπετά
Caretta caretta caretta (Χελώνα καρέττα)
Chalcides ocellatus ocellatus (Λιακόνι)
Coluber gemonensis gemonensis
Elaphe situla (Σπιτόφιδο)
Mauremys caspica rivulata (Ποταμοχελώνα)
Natrix tessellata tessellata (Κυβόφιδο)
Αξιόλογα Ψάρια
Αξιόλογα Ασπόνδυλα
Σχόλια για τα είδη