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Κτηματολόγιο Α.Ε.

Γενικά Στοιχεία

Κατηγορία Τόπου Βιότοπος NATURA
Κωδικός Τόπου GR4220002
Κύριος Χαρακτήρας
Φυσικό Τοπίο
Δομημένο Τοπίο
Διοικητική Υποδιαίρεση Νομός Κυκλάδων
Συνολική Έκταση (ha) 1144.38
Χερσαία Έκταση (ha) 754.76
Συνολική Περίμετρος (km) 17.9
Μέγιστο Υψόμετρο (m) 459.0
Ελάχιστο Υψόμετρο (m)
Ένταξη στο Υπάρχον Θεσμικό Πλαίσιο


Τύπος Τοπίου
Περιγραφή Τόπου The site covers the coastal area from Roukounas to the bay Prasies and Kalamos peninsula. It is the only area in the island with limestones, in contrast to the rest of the island, where the main geological components are volcanic rocks. Kalamos peninsula is characterized by sea cliffs, inland cliffs with chasmophytic vegetation, chasms, screes, caves, and small gorges; in the surrounding marine area there are also submarine and coastal caves. In the area of Monastiri there are an important archaeological site and a monastery. The coastal area of Roukounas is characterized by sand dunes, springs, and locally restricted cultivations. In general, the site as a whole, can be characterized as a typical Cycladian ecosystem.
Κατάσταση Τόπου
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Οικολογική Αξία
Κοινωνικοοικονομική/πολιτιστική Αξία
Αισθητική Αξία
Σχόλιο για τις αξίες The quality and importance of the site result from the following elements: 1) The site is naturally protected in the area of Kalamos peninsula, because of the steep rocks and cliffs and of the lack of roads that make the area difficult to access. 2) It is an area of both great aesthetic value (especially the area of Kalamos peninsula) and archaeological importance (especially the area of Monastiri). 3) There are a lot of unexplored caves. 4) The site as a whole (and particularly Kalamos peninsula) is very important for the avifauna and for the mammals, due to its geomorphology and the presence of many refuges/shelters. The mammals populations are in excellent condition. 5) Its flora is rich in common species and endemic species; the later are of great interest, as many of them are rare aegean endemic species. For example, Anafi is the only locality where Erysimum candicum ssp. candicum is found outside Crete. Its fauna is also rich in local endemic invertebrates; the snails Mastus anafiensis and Albinaria brevicolis are endemic species to the island and Albinaria brevicolis contraria and Zonites anafiensis are local endemics to the site. 6) The sand dunes are very important for the conservation of the endemic flora. OTHER IMPORTANT SPECIES IN 3.3. WITH MOTIVATION D. INVERTEBRATES: The species Helix nucula is very rare in the Aegean islands. PLANTS: The following species are included in the IUCN list for theatened plants and are also protected by the Presidential Decree 67/81: Allium luteolum (Rare), Anthylis aigea (Rare), Campanula laciniata (Indeterminate), Dianthus friticosus (Rare), Erysymum candicum ssp. candicum (Rare), Staehelina fruticosa (Rare). The species Fibigia fumarioides, Hymenonema graecum, Tordyllium hirtocarpum are protected by the Presidential Decree 67/81. Frankenia hirsuta is a component of the salt marshes which are rare in the Aegean. Quercus ilex as a relict has single individuals at cliffs. Cynara cornigera is an east-mediterranean species, with interesting distribution in the Aegean area, occurring in Southern Greece, in Crete and in the Aegean and out of Greece only in Cyprus; one of only 100 or less sites this species occurs in the EC. Silene gigantea has a limited natural distribution.


Σχόλιο για τις απειλές-διαταραχές
Τρωτότητα The intense building activities and road opening, which are associated with the extensive and uncontrolled tourism development and have been taking place at the south coasts of the island, consitute a threat for the area. In addition, the water of many springs is used for field irrigation; as a result, many intermittent streams have already dried out.
Προτεραιότητα προστασίας

Πανίδα και Χλωρίδα

Χαρακτηριστικά Ενδιαιτήματα
Αξιόλογα Φυτά
Allium luteolum
Campanula laciniata
Crocus tournefortii
Cynara cornigera
Dianthus fruticosus amorginus (Αγριογαρύφαλλο της Αμοργού)
Elymus farctus rechingeri
Erysimum candicum candicum
Fibigia lunarioides
Hymenonema graecum
Lactuca acanthifolia
Salsola aegaea (Σαλσόλα του Αιγαίου)
Stachys spinosa
Staehelina fruticosa (Σταιχελίνα η θαμνοειδής)
Tordylium hirtocarpum
Αξιόλογα Θηλαστικά
Monachus monachus (Μεσογειακή φώκια)
Αξιόλογα Πτηνά
Αξιόλογα Αμφίβια / Ερπετά
Bufo viridis viridis (Πρασινόφρυνος)
Cyrtodactylus kotschyi adelphiensis (Κυρτοδάκτυλος των νησιών Αδέλφια)
Podarcis erhardii amorgensis (Σιλιβούτι της Αμοργού)
Αξιόλογα Ψάρια
Αξιόλογα Ασπόνδυλα
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